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Get the hottest and cheapest Smart Electric Balancing Scooter the 2015 MonoRover R2 Electric Two Wheels Scooter,Two Smart Motors for Easy and Stable Balancing..comes in different colors such as Gold/Black/Red/Blue/green/White ,Limited Edition Metallic Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum

* Incredibly Active Sensors – It’s almost like it reads your mind!
* 2 Blue LEDs… Illuminate your world… Ridable with the LEDs in the front or the back – it makes no difference!

* Range per Charge: 10-12 mi
* Battery: 158Wh
* Weight Limit: 250lbs

[Package Include]
1X MonoRover R2
1X charger
1X instruction manual

Buy 1 unit ($300) single unit
Buy 3 units ($250) per unit
Buy 5 units ($200) per unit
Buy 10 units ($150) per unit
Buy 20 units ($100) per unit

All serious and interested buyers Contact sales director through E-mail us for more details (wacocycle@gmail.com)

Цена: 150.00 $

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